Gel nail manicures and pedicures use a groundbreaking technique that gives shiny, strong nails that can last for weeks without chipping or looking dull.

Our Express Gel Manicure & Pedicure combo includes a basic file, buff, and paint, and is ideal for those in a hurry.

Our Standard Gel Mani-Pedi involves full care of the nail, with attention to the cuticles and the condition of the hands and feet, as well as a scrub and foot massage, and is finished by painting the nails.

Our Deluxe Gel Mani-Pedi includes full care of the feet, nails, and cuticles, but adds an extended massage and either a nourishing mask or paraffin wax to hydrate and moisturise the skin of the hands and feet.

Soak-off is FREE for gel manicures and pedicures previously applied at Koia, otherwise a £10 charge will be added.

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