A cookie is a file containing a small amount of information that is stored on your computer or device by a website you visit.

Cookies can store a wide range of information. However, this information can only be stored if you provide it: websites cannot gain access to information you didn’t provide, and they can’t access other files on your computer.

The activities of storing and sending cookies are invisible to you. However, you can change your browser settings to allow you to approve or deny cookie storage requests, delete stored cookies automatically when you close your browser, and more.

We use cookies and similar technologies to help us understand how people interact with our website. That means we can develop the website in an informed way to improve the overall experience for our website visitors and members.

What Cookies Do We Use?

We use cookies which are necessary for your use of the site (to guard against cross-site forgery requests, maintain logins, or route visitors to specific versions of the Site), performance cookies (e.g., Google Analytics) to improve  the performance of the website, and functionality cookies required for the provision of our services (e.g. to book appointments, or buy products).

How to Withdraw Consent for Cookies

If you wish to see the cookies currently used on our website, they should be visible through your browser; to give or withdraw consent to cookies, please adjust your browser settings. Please be aware that restricting cookies and similar technologies may impact on the functionality of our website.

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, please visit

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