Both facials are approximately 60 minutes long. The standard facial uses products from Dermaquest and Crystal Clear, while the deluxe facial uses products from the Biologique Recherche range, which provide a more intense effect.

A cryo-probe is used to rapidly chill the skin, while a micro-puncture roller is moved painlessly over the surface, penetrating the epidermis and creating channels for active ingredients to be driven under the skin’s surface layer. Oxygen therapy produces an enhanced anti-bacterial effect, beneficial for skin prone to breakouts.

Effects are often noticeable even after the first session, although the best results usually start to appear after approximately 2 weeks. For optimal results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments, taken at 2 week intervals.

Because of its more intense nature, some people may experience redness for the first 24–48 hours, and we recommend avoiding strong sunlight, tanning beds, saunas and steam rooms for a period of up to two weeks after each treatment, and to wear sunscreen when going outside.

Please note that this facial is not suitable during pregnancy.

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